#Looking For The World

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  • #LookingForTheWorld is an 'album with a concept'.
  • It looks back to a golden era, derides the dumbing down of society, explores love & fidelity, gives a kicking to reality TV, touches on the state of world politics & bemoans the hard life of the troubadour struggling to make himself heard.
  • A commercial & critical success, it includes a cast of fantastic musicians including legendary Steely Dan guitarist Elliott Randall.

Debut Album - Michael Armstrong

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  • Released in June 2015, ‘Michael Armstrong’ was a debut album like no other.

    Produced by one of the greats, Keith Bessey (Elton John, Cliff Richard, 10CC), it featured some of the finest musicians on the planet, including double Grammy Award winning guitarist Albert Lee, Steely Dan’s Elliott Randall, bassist Steve Walters (Amy Winehouse) and saxophonist Ed Barker (George Michael).

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